Moon Rituals: How To Manifest With The Moon

Full & New Moon Rituals

Do you have some unfulfilled desire? Is there something you wish for? A house of your dreams decorated completely the way you’ve always wanted? Maybe your dream career? Or maybe you’re dreaming of meeting the love of your life, falling in love, and spending the rest of your life with that person? As you can probably conclude, we all have desires, so do you. But the difference between you, and other people is that YOU will get the privilege to find the ways to making your dreams come true. How, you’re wondering? Well, the full moon will be your “genie in the bottle”. Stay with us till the end of the article and you will understand everything you need to know!

By applying some full moon rituals, we all have the chance to manifest our wishes. The point of performing these rituals, is to perform them during the full moon. The energy of the full moon is extremely high and you can benefit from that energy if you use it right. During the full moon, everything becomes stronger, so does our energy. When our energy is strong our vibration grows as well. And when our vibration is high, we can create “miracles” in our lives- we can achieve our wishes, dreams, and desires.

So, how can you “use” the full moon energy? Well, we suggest these rituals:

Ritual No. 1: Manifesting Money With The Help Of Full & New Moon

All you need here is a pen, a piece of paper, and of course, a full moon. You need to create your own “abundance check”. Write down on a piece of paper the amount of money that you want to manifest, write your name as the owner of the check, and write down the potential date in the future when you would like to get that amount from the check. After you’ve done that, place the abundance check in your hand, and place your hand with that check in the direction of the full moon. Spend a few minutes affirming the following sentence: “ I allow the full moon to cash the amount from my abundance check.” Repeat the sentence a few times, and that’s it. Soon enough, you will manifest some money!

Ritual No. 2: Create Your Vision Board During The Full & New Moon

Maybe you’ve heard about the vision board and its power. Your job in this ritual is to create your board of wishes, dreams, and desires. For example, if your wish is to travel to France, you should put a picture of yourself, the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, etc. After you’ve put the things that are connected with your wish, you need to spend some time watching that board and visualizing the things from the board. And just to be clear here, you can put anything you want on your vision board.

Ritual No. 3: Remove Negative Energy and Create Space for the New Energy During The Full & New Moon 

When was the last time you’ve made yourself a relaxing bath? We tend to do most of our daily rituals such as showering mechanically. That is a mistake, especially during the full and new moon. So our advice for you is that you take a long, cleansing bath or shower during the full and new moon, and while you do that, we suggest that you do a visualization of something that you would like to manifest. First of all, while you are showering, imagine how clean water is cleaning both your body and your mind and how the accumulated negative energy is being removed. After that, you will have a new “clean space” for new, fresh, and pure energy. The next step in this ritual is to imagine yourself experiencing something that you would like to witness in your life. Imagine whatever you want- the full moon together with the Law of Attraction will make sure to make your dream come true. 

Ritual No 4: Use Crystals During Full & New Moon

It is known that different crystals have a positive influence when it comes to improving our emotional and spiritual balance. A crystal ritual during the full moon can help us to use the moon’s energy and to start absorbing only the positive and healing energy. If you want to increase the vibration of your crystals and increase their powers, the full and new moon nights are the best possible time for that!

The first part of this ritual is related to charging your crystals. No matter if you are using Amethyst, Citrine, or any other powerful crystal, first of all, you need to clean them. In other words, you need to wash your crystals gently. It would be great to do that with the water from some natural water source, but if you are not able to do that, any other “kind” of water will do the job.

After you’ve cleaned your crystals, you need to create your “sacred space”. In short - you simply need to place your clean crystals on the ground or any other natural surface area. Enrich your “sacred space” with candles, music, or any other thing that will improve the atmosphere. With every crystal that you are putting on the ground, remove one of the unnecessary emotions. For example, while you are putting Amethyst, put your anger together with it. While you are putting Onyx, put the sadness with it. Let the crystals and the negative emotions spend the whole full and new moon night on the ground. The ritual ends tomorrow morning- when you wake up, you can collect the crystals from the ground and continue with your day. 

Yes, you can do these rituals whenever you want, but if you choose to do it during the full and new moon, you are speeding up the fulfillment of your desire because as we already mentioned, when the moon is full, its energy is changing, and during those moments, that energy has enormous power for the manifestation of your wishes! Take advantage of that!

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